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Dave Stamey
Live in Santa Ynez

Live in Santa Ynez

Live in Santa Ynez

1. Sweet Grass County Line
2. All I Need Is You
3. Blackjack Was a Mule
4. The Circle
5. There Is An Echo
6. Mojave Moon
7. Tonopah
8. Comfortable Shoes
9. Sunrise
10. Spin That Pony
11. Free & Easy
12. Song For Jake
13. Come Ride With Me

Dave Stamey
Twelve Mile Road

Twelve Mile Road

Twelve Mile Road

1. Twelve Mile Road
2. Blackjack Was a Mule
3. Buckskin Horse
4. All I Need Is You
5. Song For Jake
6. If I Had Money
7. Never Gonna Rain
8. Sage In Her Hair
9. Bubba and the Goat
10. Wild Sierra
11. Comfortable Shoes
12. Sweet Grass County Line

Dave Stamey
Come Ride With Me
Come Ride With Me
1. Come Ride With Me
2. In Old McGee Canyon
3. Desert Winds
4. Sharon Littlehawk
5. Dusty Road
6. The Mission Bell
7. Used Rough
8. Geronimo’s Children
9. Someone Go Back Home
10. Crazy Mary
11. Ruby Could Sing

Dave StameyLive at Tales from the Tavern

It's Just a State of Mind

1. It’s The West
2. Buckaroo Man
3. Someone Needs to Go Back Home
4. Montana
5. If I Had a Horse
6. Campfire Waltz
7. Dusty Roads
8. Crazy Mary
9. The Mission Bell
10. Dude String Trail
11. Vaquero Song
12. The Bandit Joaquin
13. Ruby Could Sing

Old Friends

  • Dusty Winds
  • The Santa Fe Trail
  • Dan Was a Packer
  • The One Rose
  • Waiting For a Train
  • The Colorado Trail
  • Cattle Call
  • I Am My Own Grandpa
  • The Mission San Miguel
  • Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  • That Siler Haired Daddy of Mine
  • Ghost Riders in the Sky

If I Had A Horse

  • If I Had A Horse
  • Somewhere West Of Laramie
  • Campfire Waltz
  • Talkin' Bronc Ballet Blues
  • The Bandit Joaquin
  • Montana Summers
  • Cowboy Moon
  • The Skies Of Lincoln County
  • My Journey Back To You
  • Spin That Pony
  • A Pan Full Of Dust
  • The Trail Took Me Away

  • Wheels
  • Pretty Pauline
  • Jingle In My Jeans
  • Crossing The Plains
  • Child Of The Desert
  • Dude String Trail
  • It's The West
  • Streets Of Laredo
  • Saddle Tramp
  • Three Quarter Time
  • Riding Another Circle
  • South Coast

  • Tonopah
  • Going To The West
  • Desert Trails
  • Rosa May
  • The Bones Of Benny Gray
  • Opal
  • The Vaquero Song
  • Dear John
  • Border Affair
  • The Circle
  • May The Trail Rise Up To Greet You
  A down on his luck cowboy thumbing a ride on a busy highway. A long-dead vaquero dancing in ghostly moonlight. With these and other songs, Dave illuminates the rich tapestry that is the modern west.
Buckaroo Man    

  • Buckaroo Man
  • Desert Blues
  • Cowpoke
  • Princess Di
  • Mountain Wind
  • The Auctioneer
  • Uncle Harvey's Plane
  • Montana
  • Riding Down The Canyon
  • Mountains Of The Heart
  • McGee Creek
  What's a typical day for a buckaroo? What kind of trouble can cowboys get into with a parachute and a plane? What sort of hymn does a mulepacker sing to the mountains? This is a collection of classic and contemporary songs, evoking the heart and spirit of the American West.
Campfire Waltz    

  A collection of perennial favorites, once only available on cassette, now re-recorded with bonus tracks and available on CD and Cassette.

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