For those hankering to head horseback into the backcountry, we suggest these two outfitters:
Mammoth Lakes Pack Outfit
McGee Creek Pack Station

Some fine western products at Dorothy Rogers':
California Classics Store

Some fine western art by Leslie Engelhart:

Some of Dave's musical friends:
Sourdough Slim
Liz Masterson & Sean Blackburn
The Prickly Pair
The Western Music Association

Academy of Western Artists Cowboy Poet of the Year

Another great poet you might enjoy:

Here's a great cowboy singer from Montana

For some of the best coffee you ever tasted:

One of the West's best Acoustic Music Concert Series

For a great magazine on the cowboy lifestyle

Here are some places where you can buy good gear

Here are some other folks we’re proud to be associated with:

For the best in acoustic instrument amplification

The finest Western resorts:

For all your cowboy catering and seasonings

Add some silver trim to your saddles and tack

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